Klondike’s Big Week

It’s been a huge week here in Klonworld. Huge!!!!!

Klondike graduated from the Dog 1 course at  BravoPup Training School. In a short five weeks he’s gone from a dog that didn’t want to look at us to an absolutely star in Recall (Come), Sit,  and Down. He also has pretty strong leash walking (stays on left, doesn’t pull) and Leave It (order to ignore an item on the ground) skills.

This is KlonBeast with instructor Katy.


Next up is Dog 2, which covers more advanced Heel, Recall, Placement (go where sent) and distraction/distance skills (doing commands when given from a distance even with lots of distraction).

And speaking of Recall, check out Klondike showing his Recall skills (and yes, he does this run pretty much every time, though every once in a while he’ll show some sign of park or squirrel induced deafness).

And with Recall pretty reliable, we felt he’d earned a trip to the off-leash dog park.


He went into the water (for the first time as far as we know). He didn’t swim, but he waded a bit. We think he’ll be swimming soon.

In Water with Husky

And as you can see, made lots of friends, two and four legged.





Friends DSC02616

Friends DSC02639

New Friends DSC02641

But Klondike didn’t achieve just academic, athletic and social greatness this week.

He also worked hard on his life skills.

Here we have Klondike proving host and security services for an Ethiopian dinner on Telegraph avenue.


Here we have KBeast in the car a week ago. Not a happy camper. Lots of discomfort and anxiety, probably made worse by the fact that his restraint system (nearly 100 pounds of dog flying around the cabin in case of a sudden stop wouldn’t be good for anyone) really limited his movement and may have made him feel dominated.

Klondike in Car 8-17

Same KBeast now. I don’t think he’s yet a car guy, but definitely better. Partly it’s getting used to the car, partly it’s a modification to his restraints that let him move more easily.

Nose Stick DSC02677

But there was one more major first this week…

First Costco visit!

Notice that Klondike and Mieko are wearing matching outfits for the occasion?

Klondike got a 3-pack of 5 gig memory sticks, 16 roast chickens, six Maine lobsters, a 10 gallon tub of peanut brittle, a 36 pack of Monster Energy Drink, and a 12-pack of chew toys.

This is KlonWeight the day we adopted him. Probably a bit light for his frame.

Klon Weith 7-19


This was KlonWeight on Thursday. Six pound gain in a little more than a month. Definitely a bit high. We want to get him back to something around 94 pounds.

This means cutting his daily feed slightly, and also using more verbal rewards together with edible treats for training. And I’m afraid he won’t get to use his Costco purchases, except the chew toys and the memory sticks.

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