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Double Whammy – Klondike Pulls The Point Isabel Job

As regular readers of the Klondike Update know, Citizen KB has a complex relationship with Chris, his walker. He likes her, loves going to Pt. Isabelle Park with her, but makes a show of resistance leaving the house with Chris, even though he immediately jumps into her truck. And once at the park he finds ignoring her recall (“Come”) command hilarious. So he lost off-leash park privileges.

This morning CKB was very polite  to Chris, none of the usual resistance shenanigans. Just like the good citizen he is. And in recognition of his standing as a Good Canine Citizen, and excellent behavior at pickup, was let off leash. Double whammy. That was part of Klon’s plot.

Point Isabelle is on the shore line and has a large (maybe 50 feet across at it’s widest, though Mieko thinks wider)  ocean fed channel that runs through it.

Once Good Citizen Madoff  Klondike conned his way off leash he jumped into the channel  (which is OK) and swam to the other side (not OK), of course ignoring recall orders. Chris eventually ran a good way along the channel, crossed a bridge and caught up to him in a field on the opposite side. KB then ran back out, into some offshore mud flats and lay down, of course ignoring recall commands. He then came to shore and ran (perhaps trotted) 400 yards or so to Mud Puppies, his groomers and frequent treat providers, located near the park entrance.He was recaptured there without incident.

Bernie Madoff KlonBeast has not lost his Good Citizen status, but he has lost off leash privileges with Chris for the time being. He will also be boarded with Chris for a weekend to give him the a chance to bond and perhaps learn some basic recall.

For the record, Klondike has stated he is not aware of any fraudulent off-leash activities, and would not be disposed to discuss them should he be aware of such activities.

Wag Wag Wag