Nothing Says “Home” Like Parking The Beast!

Got back from Japan yesterday and celebrated my return to the US early this morning with a Klondike and Mieko Point Isabel dog park romp.


I know in my heart-of-hearts that if left entirely to his own devices Klondike would probably prefer Pet Food Express to the dog park (seriously, he loves the place.) We let him off leash and he seemed to have fun playing pick-up tag with some of the other dogs, digging at a gopher hole, and going for a brief swim followed by a long shaking session.


Chris, his dog walker, takes him to Point Isabel three times a week but since he’s made a habit of entirely blowing off her recall commands (usually with delighted, laughing, Dogbert like tail wags) he has lost off leash privileges with her. Perhaps he’ll figure out the error of his ways but I’m not holding my breath.

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