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The Night Walker

@launch ramp

Today felt like Winter. Cold, some drizzle, and dark early. All of these things are probably a plus to a certain four footed friend bred to sleep with the herd  in the often snow covered Pyrenees Mountains, and recently in possession of an ultra thick winter coat. The same wagging quadruped who galloped into the media room at around 6:00 in the evening demanding yet another walk.

After a quick stop at Pet Food Express, where the Klon scored some cookies and reminded some kittens at an adoption event that he was in the house, we headed off the Cesar Chavez Park, attached to the Berkeley Marina.

As many of you know, Klon is not a car guy – it was a struggle just to teach him to get in the car and he rarely looks happy while being chauffeured around,  but his PFE express experience must have left him feeling pretty good. He started his ride to the park with head all the way out the window and then decided to ride with his front paws resting on the center console – he probably would have moved all the way to the front if the restraint system had let him.

Klon Ride
Bad selfie… Klon’s face is cut off just above the eyes. Front paws on center console, rear paws on back seat.

The rest was strangely serene. Forty five minutes of walking around the park’s perimeter, enjoying the crisp air and quiet of the shore. It was pitch dark except for the lights of San Francisco and Oakland, both visible across the bay, the light on Klondike’s collar, and every once in a while the flashlight function on my iphone. I have the feeling Klondike was seeing perfectly, next time I’ll bring a head lamp.





Before and After