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Criminal Looking Innocent At Scene of The Crime. Don't Be Fooled!






Blown Off By The Beast

Criminal Looking Innocent At Scene of The Crime. Don't Be Fooled!
Criminal Looking Innocent At Scene of The Crime. Don’t Be Fooled!

We’ve worked hard on Klondike’s training and he’s basically done pretty well, but he tested me this afternoon.

I was working out on the porch, putting up halloween decorations. Front door was open. KB stuck his head out of the door. I called him to come with me out onto the sidewalk in front of the house, let him admire my handiwork with me. He refused to move beyond the patio. Strike One.

Ten minutes later while I was cleaning up he trotted through the open door, ignored me as I called him back, wagged his tail as he crossed the street (without, of course, looking for traffic). He did let himself be recaptured almost immediately and maybe, just maybe, looked contrite.

Some recall refresher work is definitely in his future. There is an exercise designed to teach the dog that good things happen with the person. You put the dog on a leash and place a treat just beyond the end of the leash. When the dog tries to get it, pulling on the leash, you call him back and then the two of you walk to get the treat together.