Daily Archives: November 5, 2014

“I hate to advocate drugs, alcohol, violence, or insanity to anyone, but they’ve always worked for me.” — Hunter Thompson (Disputed)


I’m no Hunter S Thompson, but today I did something I shouldn’t have this afternoon… two over-sweet New Orleans Ice coffees, Hush Puppies,  Boudin Balls and, of course, to top it off a Peanut Butter and Chocolate Mousse Pie. Delish and consumed in good company, but not healthy.  For my size and weight, probably about equivalent to certain four footed KlonBeasts I know eating a plate of birthday cookies off the table.


So…on top of Klon’s morning walk, his afternoon walk with Chris of Pawwalkers to Point Isabel (he’s still lost off-leash privileges with Chris, but he’s now on a long lead and was allowed to swim today)  he scored an extra long night walk around The Berkeley Marina. We tried a new route that worked out well for me since it was mostly on a nice, wide fire road where I didn’t need to worry too much about tripping in the dark (a full moon also helped), and great for the Klon since it was brand new and full of great smells to be sniffed in depth. Better yet, on the way back Klon made a new friend, Chloe, this lovely young lady


who has her own blog (source of the above pic) at http://www.chloe-california.com. Chloe and Klon seemed to get on well, enjoying a nice game of pick-up tag.


Here’s Klon as he appears right now, in one of his favorite evening positions, guarding the front door.