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Klondike’s Raw Food Transition – Update & Clarifications

Brief Break in Bone Bashing
Brief Break in Bone Bashing

Happy to report the Klon is well and absolutely full of energy. Took him Point Isabel today and he absolutely crushed his old record of 3 swims with 5.5 (the half was him just wading in a bit to grab a tennis ball) swims, not to mention various pick-up games tag and lots of ball stealing from other dogs. Of course, that he seems really well doesn’t mean that we have his diet nutritionally dialed in – it’s possible there was something in his old diet that won’t be in his new that we don’t know about. That’s what makes transition so tricky. However, I trust we’ll eventually get it figured out.

Also…two really important clarifications on my last raw food post

I didn’t mean to imply he was only getting meat. We are also rotating in a good amount of fruit and vegetables (what would be in the stomach of prey if he were out earning his own living) to see what likes. So far he’s shown a good interest in apples and nori (Japanese sea weed, and and a good alternative to an iodine supplement), not so much in persimmons or bananas.

When I said chicken bones are considered safe I mean raw bones. Cooked chicken bones are very dangerous and should be avoided. The management regrets the error and will discipline the Bill fully.