Beasting The Car


This is the back of our car one month since it was last carefully cleaned. That the seat cover is covered with dirt and hair is remarkable considering Klondike is toweled off before getting into the car if he’s been swimming, brushed every other day and washed regularly. By the way, the seat cover is by 4Knines and I highly recommend it… unlike the cheaper cover we bought at first, it will stay in place even with nearly 100 pounds of Pyrenees activity on it.


This where it gets trippy. Despite the seat cover (mounted as a hammac) and large plastic sheets under the seat cover, note how much dirt and hair got onto the seats and floor. And this is a month’s use in good weather. And no, I don’t know why there should be so much more fur on the left side floor, thought that is the side he is usually loaded in from.


This is the back of the car as it was for a few minutes Friday evening. Mieko and I scrubbed the seat cover, washed it with soap, and then scrubbed it again to get off some remaining fur (mostly stuck in velcro). The seats and floor, together with the rest of the car, were cleaned to perfection by the amazing People’s Car Wash in Oakland (105 five star Yelp reviews for a reason).


Rear of the car after first post wash Klondike load-in. Not trip, just load-in. Note Klon fur on cover and pawprints.

The contraption he’s wearing is a safety harness attached to the seat belts. I figure 96 pounds of Klondike flying through the cabin in an accident would definitely not improve anyone’s day.

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