Daily Archives: November 10, 2014

Hiking Pet food Express + Sunday Bill Chill


Tummy rub is one of the Klon’s favorite support team assignments.  Notice how he’s captured my left hand, making it hard for me to move without snatching away his pillow.

Speaking of things the Klon likes, I think exploring Pet Food Express with the focus and devotion only a true fan dog can muster is at the top of the list. The light on his collar went out so we stopped by last night. Think he had fun…

IMG_6082 IMG_6087 IMG_6090 IMG_6092

It’s not like we are not brushing the beast.

Klon Sweater


The pile of fur you see on the right is K9 Good Citizen Klondike. Our friend, the Klon.

The pile of fur you see on the left, the less shapely one that’s big enough to knit a sweater from, is what you get brushing the citizen every other day. Free sweater every other day! Yet another unplanned perk of having a Pyrenees in the family.