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Morning Stretch


犬のケンカの仲裁法についてビルが こんな記事を見つけました。 すごくいい方法と思います。原文が英語なので、簡単なサマリーを書いておきますね。




1. ケンカか派手な遊びかの区別は難しい。

2. ビビってはいけない。飼い主がビビると犬がそれを感じてケンカがエスカレートすることがある。

3. 大きな音を出して犬をびっくりさせればケンカ終了となるケースが多い。思い切り大きな音を立てる必要がある。手を叩いて「やめなさいっ」と叫ぶだけで済むケースが多い。しかしこれで収まらなかった場合、いつまでも叫び続けていてはいけない。

4. ケンカ中の犬には後ろから近づくこと。 頭のほうから近づくのは危険。首輪をつかもうとするとケンカに参戦していると判断されてしまうかもしれないのでそれもダメ。

5. 犬の後ろ足をもも付近の位置でつかみ、そのまま高い位置へ持ち上げる。. 他の犬たちの飼い主がそばにいれば、他の犬たちにも同じことをしてもらう。この方法なら犬が完全に制御できる上、歯は反対側で犬が反転できない体勢なので人間には危険がない。相手の犬へむかって飛びかかるのも不可能。

6. 後ろ足をつかんだまま後ろへ下がる。

7 そのまま後ろへ下がり続ける。相手の犬から充分に距離が取れて、相手の犬の飼い主が犬をしっかり止めていると判断できるまで止まってはいけない。

Dealing with Gratuitous Tummy Rubs and Serious Dog Fights

Morning Stretch

Dealing with tummy rubs is easy. Just combine them with a massive morning stretch for full effect. The above is Klon this morning, warming up for his morning walk and breakfast.

On a more serious note, found an excellent piece on how to break up a dogfight. If you are around dogs, please read it… it will only take a few minutes.  Here’s a quick summary

1. Learn to recognize the difference between a real fight and play fight. What may look like a fight often, even usually, isn’t.

2. Don’t panic.  Dogs will feed off your panic, and the fight will get worse.

3. Try making a loud noise to startle them into breaking up fight, this is often all it takes. Make sure its loud enough to surprise them. A few very loud claps along with a stern BACK OFF should do the trick. DON’T: Keep yelling if the loud noise doesn’t work.

4. ALWAYS approach the fighting dogs from the rear…stay as far away from their heads as you possibly can. DON’T: Try to grab their collars. In the heat of a dog fight, they will both interpret this as you jumping into the scrum.

5. Grab your dog by his hind legs, near the thighs, and lift his legs into the air like hes a wheelbarrow. If you can, instruct the other dogs owner to do the same with their dog. This puts you in complete control of your dog, while staying far away from their teeth. They will be unable to turn around to bite you in this position, & physically unable to lunge at the other dog without falling on their face.

6. Still grabbing his hind legs, start quickly backing up in a zig zag motion.

7 Keep backing your dog up until you are well away from the other dog, and the other owner has control over them. Don’t stop backing up until the other dog is completely under control by their owners.