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How do you make a Klondike? Wisdom Panel Has the Recipe!

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OK, not the full recipe –  they left out the secret Klon sauce.  But $65 on Amazon buys the Wisdom Panel test kit, which gives a pretty full genetic analysis of your dog’s heritage, together with weight expectations and notes on temperament. Here’s Klondike’s full genealogy and breed notes.

The process was quick and painless. Set up an online account, swab the dog’s cheeks, dry the swabs, mail in and wait for your results. Mine came in about ten days. Here are the directions.

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There was a bit of a front end glitch… the sign up web page wasn’t working exactly right (wouldn’t let me correct an address) and the “Welcome to Wisdom Panel” email had a line of machine code where my name should have been. But those are pretty small issues. I absolutely recommend Wisdom Panel to anyone with the slightest interest in learning more about their dog’s heritage.