Daily Archives: November 27, 2014

Klon Artist Gonna Get Skooled -or- Regression Junction, What’s Your Function?

Yesterday wasn’t a very good day Klonwise. In fact, though it started well (breakfast with an old and dear friend who was staying with us), it wasn’t a great day period.

I was at home around 11:00am when a certain lovely wife went out. Leaving a pan on the stove. That created lots of smoke. That set off the smoke detectors. That caused me to open the windows and doors to ventilate  the house. Open doors the KlonBeast used to explore the world. Yea. I parked him in the backyard while tried to confirm all we were dealing with was smoke from the stove and opened windows to clear the smoke. Told him to stay and somehow thought, maybe since he understood the command, thought he would. No such luck.

Probably a minute after I parked him in the backyard, after I’d opened a few more windows and turned off the stove,  I went back to make sure he was still there. Not seeing him I did what any rational dog owner would do:  Left the house  with all doors open wide and possibly a fire to see if somehow Klondike was in the front of the house or maybe across the street. Nina and Ron, our wonderful neighbors, reported seeing him,  calling him and having him come up to their front porch before taking off again. I looked down the street to see a distant, large, white furry dot with a curly tail near the end of the  block. Of course I called him. And I know Klondike heard me because he looked over his shoulder, probably laughed, before picking up his trot. Long story short, I sprinted for three long blocks as fast as I could go, calling the beast and being ignored, watching him cross a moderately busy street and run parallel to a very busy one before I, with help from a random guy, captured him.

But wait, there’s more. As soon as I got back to the driveway neighbors were gathered, Mieko was just coming back from shopping and Chris, Klon’s walker, had just pulled into the driveway. Thought about denying Klon his Point Isabel walk as punishment but since he wouldn’t have understood, and Chris was already there Klon, get his walk with her. Where hie slipped off his collar and jumped into an ocean inlet for an unauthorized swim. The good news is when done apparently he ran back to her. But he’s definitely discovered the joy sticking it to the man.

This morning I took him to the dog park (mainly to burn energy before Thanksgiving guests) and guess what? He initially blew of my recall. I put him on leash and did a few recall exercises (calling him, then running backwards when he came, then giving him a cheese treat) and he did a little better. A little. But as you can see from the video, not great.

Happily, we have a solution. BravoPup, two of whose classes, taught by the great Katy, we’ve taken. BravoPup has an Extreme Recall class starting 12/1. Five weeks of learning Come in the most distracting, difficult circumstances. We go through this  and hopefully it will be a while before I have to worry about a burning house with an open front door while I chase a dog that thinks running from me and into heavy traffic is a great game.

And on a happier note.. Happy Thanksgiving Everyone!!! And for all my kriminal complaints, I know how lucky we are to have Klon, and lots of other great things, in our life.