Totall Recall -or- Temporary Ixnay On The Oggie Day Aisle Stay

CLass Klon
Since I’m the one with thumbs I got to hold Klondike’s notes during class

As many of you know, Klon’s unleashed, unauthorized and rather ill-advised exploration of the world, including some busy streets, the day before Thanksgiving earned him a place in BravoPup’s Total Extreme Recall class.

The class is exactly what’s needed.Total Extreme Recall is all about developing emergency recall. That is, a recall command so strong, so deeply imbedded that no matter what distractions are present – even things that the dog will strongly, instinctively respond to like a squirrel, a fire, another dog, or a piece of raw steak, the dog will give your command to come priority.

The bad news is that making this work means, at least during the five weeks of class, you can never, never allow your dog not to come to you. And that means removing distractions. So no off-leash excursions to the dog park, no swimming, no dogie play dates. It’s not the behavioral equivalent of a no fat, sugar or solids diet, since we can still go on leashed walks, but it’s kinda close.

‘No distractions’ period aside, there is a major benefit for The Klon. Total Extreme Recall is held at an auditorium at the Oakland Zoo. We had our first class and looking at Klon’s reaction it’s obvious that the grounds smell just amazing. And before class, which is held in an auditorium outside the main gates, Klon immediately founded and followed the path right to the zoo entrance and was clearly disappointed he couldn’t go in.

Stay tuned for further updates!

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