Klondike Support Team Staff — Represent!!

Team Klondike

Sandi and Katie, Klondike’s instructors in Dog 1, Dog 2 and Extreme Recall at the most excellent Bravo!Pup dog training school model their Klondike Official Support Team shirts.

Klondike Support Team

And speaking of Bravo!Pup, here’s Klondike showing the recall skills he learned from Sandi and Katie. It’s a little hard to tell in this video, but when called Klondike is checking out a gopher hole. Overriding a dog’s prey drive is not easy, but we are making progress. You’ll also notice I’m running backwards. That’s a technique to make recall more like a game. And if you listen very carefully you’ll hear Klondike being paid in treats for his good work. And then you’ll see and hear Mieko call him back.


Thanks Bravo!Pup


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