Introducing KlonRocket!!!

My sister-in-law Sachiko is in town and joined Klondike and me on a short Strawberry Canyon Fire Trail hike.  A few pics…IMG_6234


This is right near the top of the canyon. It’s really a part of Berkeley Hills and overlooks the entire cities of Berkeley and Oakland. Klondike was happily trotting ahead when the city came into view and he paused to look.


End of the trail. I think it was a good walk for everyone.

But our morning was far from concluded.

Turns out that Klondike has some business at Pet Food Express on Telegraph Avenue.

IMG_6340Here he is behind the counter explaining the many  benefits and pleasures of raw lamb femur bones.


And here’s Klondike doing some in-person employee coaching and development.

2 thoughts on “Introducing KlonRocket!!!

  1. A very handsome dog, Klondike, and extremely photogenic. One thing is sure: if he ever gets lost, or even just mislaid, the first place to look for him is Petfood Express.
    Love, A.S.

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