Bill & Klondike Do Not Collect $10,000!

Bill and Klon wait
At Japan Town Peace Plaza, Waiting For Prize Announcement

Every April since 1967  San Francisco’s Japan Town has hosted the Northern California Cherry Blossom Festival, a celebration of  blooming cherry blossoms and Japanese culture. It’s a pretty big deal with parades, music, food, contests and 200,000 guests over the course of the two weekends it runs.

Cherry_Blossom_Festival_Grand_parade_2009_April_19_2009_2621-web11 Fest Pic Fest Pic 3 Fest Pic 2

It also has a raffle. A raffle that, at least in 2014, did a far, far better job at getting prizes donated then at selling tickets. I know this because I got pressed into volunteering at the raffle booth last year. I saw the raffle end with unsold tickets, and watched people who had bought multiple tickets win big – prizes like $10K in cash, two free trip first class tickets to Japan, a $1000 lap top and so on.  So this year I made a plan

  1. Take the free name and address labels charities send me and go to the Cherry Blossom Festival
  2. Buy $120 worth of raffle tickets and apply name and address stickers
  3. Allow Klondike to experience a new place (he’s never been to Japan Town) not to mention the sights, sounds and smell of a festival
  4. Win grand prize ($10,000 cash) and second prize (first class round trip tickets to Japan) in raffle
Bill and Kon buy tickets
Bill (hat, two feet) and Klondike (vest, four feet but only two visible) inside the raffle ticket booth

Steps one to three went flawlessly, even if Klon was a little disappointed at all the food on the pavement I stopped him eating and not digging all of the loud music. Step four didn’t quite work out… won absolutely nothing, not even a $50 gift certificate. But hey, I still achieved three of our steps, which means I scored 75%, which is passing, right?

Anyone want 60 worthless raffle tickets? No? Didn’t think so…

Note: None of the pics on this page except for the raffle tickets above were taken by me. So thanks everyone!


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