Klondike Makes The Front Page and Gets Styled!


Read all about it! Klondike was delighted to be featured in the Spring 2015 edition of the PIDO Pointer, the official publication of the Point Isabel Dog Owners Association, courtesy of Marla Miyashiro. Check out the in depth interview with Klondike (really)  – it’s a pretty tail thumping read, if Klondike doesn’t say so himself!


And speaking of Point Isabel, that’s Klondike you see above taking a restorative swim and dust bath between rounds of gopher digging, ball borrowing and chase playing. I regret not having any good before and after photos of his dirt rolls.  In the course of maybe thirty minutes he went from bright white to brown, to black and cream.

Interestingly, each dip in the water also seemed to raise his energy level. When we first arrived in the park he was in full Pyrenees mode. Polite, friendly, willing to be sniffed and sniff back, but much more interested in a slow and deliberate cruise around the park than vigorously playing with other dogs. Then he went into the water and emerged energized, ready to run and jump with any large dog at the park. Then he went in again and came out yet more pumped, and ready to run any dog who would play. It was pretty amazing watching his energy meter fill up!

And while there is no greater pleasure than watching a happy dog, having a wet, dirty dog to transport home by car is not what most people would consider a fun activity.  And to make matters worse, I had forgotten to bring a beach towel with me. So my choices were putting a sopping wet, muddy dog in the back of the car, or rinsing Klondike off with the hose, which he hugely dislikes, and then putting a clean(ish) but soaking wet dog in the back seat.

After some thought, I chose plan C.

Kate and Klondike at MudPuppiees

Mud Puppies Tub ‘n Scrub, the on-site groomers at Point Isabel and home to Katie, one of Klondike’s personal stylists. Yes, that is Katie you see above in the purple apron, Klon you see in the white fur and Klondike’s picture decorating the wall.

Klondike’s life is not limited to press interviews, outdoor sports and beauty treatments. He also has a very serious side. He’s back in school, enrolled in  BravoPups! Talent class, a basic introduction to performance.

IMG_6993 (1)

This is Klondike getting ready to catch a swinging trapeze

Klondike with Sandi - Ta Da tricks class

And this is Sandi of BravoPup! doing some one-on-one instruction with Klon. Gotta give the beast credit.. he knows how to stay hungry and focused!

1 thought on “Klondike Makes The Front Page and Gets Styled!

  1. Absolutely SPLENDID press release. Charmingly written! One problem, though: I couldn’t get the pictures. Happily, though, I do know what he looks like. Much love, Klondike’s granny

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