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Klondike Graduates (Again!), Entertains Guests, Plays Nice, Finds Headless Body in Topless Bar

Klondike jumps for joy as Sandi Thompson of Bravo!Pup presents Klondike’s diploma, officially certifying him as a Super Star.

Performance 2 2015_08_12_22_03_29

Klondike never tires of honing his craft and worked his tail off to get Super Star status in Talent 2, a second level tricks class run by the always awesome Bravo!Pup. There’s no doubt that Klondike loves training class. On the way to to class he may lay lazily on the backseat of the car, but coming back he’s sitting fully upright and in full sniff mode. And for a day or two after training class there is definitely a little bit of extra spring in his step and perhaps a bit more assertiveness in the demands he puts on his staff.

But Klondike’s life isn’t just the hard work of training.


Here Mr. Klondike has decided to personally take a few moments from his busy schedule to chat with two member of his Tokyo Fan Club, who have made the journey to Northern California to meet him,  my niece Hanako and sister-in-law Keiko,

This is Klondike playing with a smaller dog at a local park. It’s really interesting (and kind of a source of pride for me) to see how gently Klondike adopts his playstyle so as not to hurt or overwhelm a dog probably fifty pounds lighter than himself.