Daily Archives: September 21, 2015

Pyre Pressure – The Good Kind

Yesterday was the official Pyrenees Potluck Picnic at Roberts Regional Recreation Area, a Pyre-ly delightful event set in a beautiful park with picnic areas and lots of hiking, located in the Oakland hills.


Unfortunately a number of Pyres and their people hadn’t arrived yet when this shot was taken. It was pretty early in the picnic.

Primal - 1 (1)

A little time has passed here, and you can see that the dogs have done what Pyres do – go into power conservation mode. The nap, however, was interrupted when a group of unknown picnickers had the audacity to walk along a path by the site and most of the Pyres went into warning mode, barking loudly just so no one misunderstood whose picnic spot it was.