Daily Archives: September 30, 2015

Snoop, broken – Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

My Catering Department (aka Mieko) sometimes puts treats in chewy toys, thinking that doing so would amuse me. I say she is wrong. If she wants me entertained, she should just give me more treats! And more often! It’s simple!

She’s not entirely dumb, though. She immediately noticed when I destroyed my brand new Snoop this morning. She took it upstairs to my friend and Agent (aka Bill) asking to replace it with an extra large Kong when he gets to PFE next time. Which probably means I will get more peanut butter. Always a great idea!

I’m a little disappointed about losing the Snoop, though. I actually liked the way the treats rolled around while I worked on it.