The Three Stages of Requesting Dinner

1 Friendly Reminder - 1

Stage One. Klondike is politely asking how I’m doing. Because, you know, he’s concerned about my welfare. What with me forgetting dinner time and all, could be early onset Alzheimer’s.

2 Pyre Paw - 1

Stage Two, well known to Pyrenees lovers as Pyre Paw.

Klondike is politely saying “Hey, Hey! You OK?” because there’s obviously something wrong with me or I would have gotten him dinner. It’s just possible that something in the water has caused a massive fall in IQ and Klonbeast wouldn’t want that for me.

3 snout herd - 1

Stage Three. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not having fed him yet I’m clearly in either dangerously bad shape or the slacking beyond belief. In either case it’s time for Nuzzle Herd. This is a last resort, used where all reason has failed and it’s necessary to push some poor excuse for a human in the appropriate direction. I’m not sure it worked… I think Klonbeast got ejected from my study for his efforts. The good news is he also got fed shortly afterwards, so all was right with the world in the end.


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