Walk Report: Robert’s Regional Recreation Area



Klondike and I love this place. Most recommended to all dogs and their people, too.

It’s our second favorite place to walk in the Bay Area, after Point Isabel (report coming soon).

Robert’s Regional Recreation Area Official Page and Google Map & Directions

Why Roberts is a Great Place to Walk

  • Beautiful, large and well maintained, Robert’s feels like it’s well outside the city, even though it’s not
  • Dogs are allowed off leash twenty feet and further from any trailhead.
  • Convenient to most of the Bay Area – 30 to 45 minutes from downtown San Francisco (depending on traffic), 20 minutes from downtown Berkeley, 15 minutes from Oakland
  •  There are enough other people and dogs around to feel safe and provide some four footed socializing, but never (outside the gorgeous picnic and pool areas) does it feel crowded.
  • Large and crisscrossed with trails so you can pretty much pick a route that suites the length and challenge you want.  Walks with big hills, small hills, almost no hills – pick what you want. Ditto on the length of the walk. Just make sure you look at a map (they give them out) or ask a friendly ranger for advice
  • Trails have a great mixture of shade and sun
  • Lots of safe, convenient parking
  • Surprisingly good cell phone reception in most places

Of Course, It’s Not Perfect

  • $4 to park and a $2 dog fee. However, as far as I can tell they never actually ask for the dog fee
  • Mountain bikes are allowed on most, maybe all, trails. It isn’t the kind of place where people whip around fast, but you do need to be aware
  • Park service maps are a bit hard to read. But then again, the rangers are great and most of the trails seem to be on Google maps

Score: 90% (would be 95% without the bicycles)


Here’s a recommended walk

This route is about two hours with lots of sniffing. You could probably do it in as little as 90 minutes with brisk walking. I don’t think it’s absolutely necessary to carry water for either you or your dog, but if you don’t mind the weight it wouldn’t hurt.

Click For Large, Zoomable Map
  • Start at the lower parking lot fire gate. To park near there, just go in the entrance, pay your parking fee and drive to the far end of the upper parking a lot. A very short road connects it to the lower parking lot.

Here’s a bad picture of the firegate taken from the side (not the front, where you’d go through). And no, the actual firegate doesn’t have an arrow and the words “Enter Here” suspended in midair. Just in case anyone was wondering.

Fire Gate - 1

  • Hit Graham trail (there is a sign) and turn right

(Sorry, no pic. But it is clear, you won’t have any problems)

  • Hit Dunn Trail and go to the left

Dunn - 1

  • Follow Dun trail and you will come to a fork with Montiero Trail on the right. Ignore it and stay to the left (which is pretty much straight) to stay on Dunn trail.

Dunn Mun - 1

  • Take a hard left to get on Baccharis Trail
Bacc - 1
  • Baccharis hits West Ridge Trail. Go LEFT on West Ridge Trail

West Ridge - 1

  • Stay on West Ridge Trail. This means staying to the left after passing Madrone trail

West R Madrone - 1

Make new friends. Remember, everyone loves you!

New Friends - 1

  • Keep following West Ridge. You will go past a picnic area.

Remember it’s not polite to take food from the table, especially belonging to people you don’t know. I think Klondike briefly wondered about this, but good manners prevailed.

Pic 1 - 1

Pic 2 - 1

  • Take a left on Robert’s Ridge

Pic 2 - 1 (1)

  • Roberts will take you back to the parking lot. You’ll know you are almost there when the sign tells you to leash up your dog

Pic 2 - 1 (2)

That little path takes to the upper parking lot, which connects to the lower parking and bam! Your walk is done!

Pic 2 - 2

Bonus shot of Klondike trotting on the trail


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