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Walk Report: Sherwood Dog Park in Paso Robles, California



Sherwood Dog Park is a small-ish but beautiful and lovingly maintained off leash dog park in Paso Robles. The park itself is not a destination, but if you are driving between Northern and Southern California with your furry friend, it’s absolutely worth taking the nine minute drive from the Riverside Avenue exit off the 101 to visit. And with a ton of restaurants, shops, and, for those inclined to stay awhile,  vineyards and hot springs, Paso Robles is a great rest point for you, too..

Address: 290 Scott Street, Paso Robles, CA 93446. The park is adjacent to the senior center.

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Sherwood Dog Park is split into two halves, one for bigger dogs and one for smaller. Each side is about the size of half a football field. The ground is covered with wood chips and the park provides a nice shade structure with benches and tables, a drinking bowl for the dogs and (a little surprisingly) throw toys. Park literature also mentions a splashing station but we didn’t see it. I’m guessing it’s only put out during the summer months. There is a donation box and a sign requesting  a $1 a day or $25/year usage fee.

IMG_9413 (1)
This plane boasts a Fly Navy logo on its side
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The park is attractive, well thought out and carefully maintained. The love and care put into it by the group of volunteers who financed, built and keep it up is truly remarkable. Sherwood Dog Park is located on part of the former site for Sherwood Field, the first airport in Paso Robles. Hence the name, motto and plane above. Unlike many urban dog parks, it does not abut a freeway so the air is crisp and clean.


Sherwood Dog Park is right next to an open area and a beautiful, castle-and-dragon themed person park so there are opportunities for more on-leash walking.

Klondikes Score: 75%

Sherwood Dog Park is a great place for some exercise, elimination and canine companionship, and Paso Robles is a great place stop in when traveling. The park’s small size  puts it in a different category from larger parks like Strawberry Canyon, and Robert’s Recreational Area in the San Francisco Bay Area or the Douglas Family Preserve in Santa Barbara (report coming soon) but if rated compared just to other smaller urban dog parks, it would have scored at least 10 point higher.


About This Walk Report

Over the Christmas – New Year break, Klondike packed his car and traveled from his home in Berkeley, Northern California down the length of the state of La Jolla to see his Grandma, The Audrey. This is one of several reports on stops along the way.


Bowl, emergency kibble, bed and people stuff in the trunk

In Car in La Jolla no license plate

Mr. Klondike is his motor vehicle. Note driver and catering staff in front.


Credit: Picture of Sherwood Park sign at very top of post taken from Google Images.