Thank You Kate!!!

Within a month or two of Klondike’s addition to our household we discovered Point Isabel, the world’s greatest dog park. And once at PI it didn’t take Klondike long to make the most of the swimming, mud wading, dirt-and-grass rolling opportunities at the park. And a muddy Klondike led us straight to Mud Puppy’s, Point Isabel’s on-site  dog washing business.

And at Mud Puppy’s, Klondike  instantly selected Kate to be his personal fur care artist. That was nearly two years and at least fifty washes ago.

Today Kate announced that she was moving on to focus on painting. And she surprised us with an incredible parting gift.


This oil portrait of Klondike.  I think she’s caught him perfectly, right down to ears.


And this is the artist with Klondike.

Kate – speaking for Klondike, as well as myself and Mieko, Thank You. We will all miss you very much at Mud Puppy’s and wish you much success as you apply your considerable talents to canvas.







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