It Begins: Performance Three

P3 - 1 (1)

Last week marked the first meeting of Performance Three from BravoPup! The class is about learning more tricks, and polishing the current repertoire, getting the behaviors bigger, better, crisper and (most importantly) controllable at a distance so the trainer can reliably work with the dog  while staying behind the camera or off stage. The class is taught by Sandi Thomas, who as master dog trainer and former professional actress, truly understands what it takes to perform successfully.

The first day of class was largely about going over basic behaviors (sit, wave, hoop jump and weave, roll-over, play dead, bow and a few others).  Mr. Klondike, secure in his super-star status, didn’t see a need to focus on technical perfection and instead chose  a looser, more interpretive, perhaps more Pyrenees, approach to these mandatory events. Looked a little bit like this

Great Pyrenees Tricks

The other dogs in the class, Harley, Isabella, Brian and Sassy, had the technical skills of an Olympic figure skater, just nailing their behaviors perfectly. I’m pretty sure Mr. Klondike can get there, or at least get close, but we sure have our work cut out for us!



[Credit for cartoon: No idea, found it via a Google Images search. But whoever made it, thanks!]

4 thoughts on “It Begins: Performance Three

  1. Charmingly written. Citizen K should give his press agent a substantial raise. It may be that Mr. K. feels about hoop-jumping and other such demonstrations as I do about, say, figure skating. That is to say that it’s all very nice for those who enjoy it, but of no practical value and not worth ones time.
    Love, Mom
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  2. I believe the design came originally from SPIN, a Pyrenees rescue in Texas. Unfortunately it was “‘stolen” by a tee shirt printer and distributed.

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    1. Thanks for the info! I’m sure liberal borrowing is a major part of the business model for many T-shirt makers…


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