Congrats to Talent 3 Graduates



Graduates, from Left to Right:  Anita (standing) and Isabella; Bill, Klondike (seated, in white) and Mieko; Heather, Harley (seated in white, red and black) and Chris;  Jean (in black) and Brian; Susan and Sassy (seated)

May 5, 2016 marked the graduation of Bravo!Pup’s Talent 3 advanced performance class. Taught by the amazing Sandi Thompson,  the class wasn’t primarily about learning new tricks. Not that new material wasn’t taught, it was just that  everyone in that class walked in with a pretty good repertoire, so the focus was on polishing performance behaviors until they shined.

During the class, Klondike improved as performer, and had a great deal of fun. In fact, we are thinking about changing his name to The Thump because of the non-stop, super strength, full contact tail wagging he’s started. I think this happiness came from a combination of training treats, attention, the strengthened bond that comes from working closely with your best friend during training/rehearsal, the class’s location inside a Pet Food Express store (a favorite Klondike destination) and the positive energy in the room. But whatever the reason, we’re grateful for the experience.

It was also a blast for the bipedal participants, who greatly enjoyed spending time around their own kind (human and dog) and exercising a shared passion for dog training.

Klondike, Harley and Brian take a well deserved bow while Isabella and Sassy wait their turn
Bill&Klon (1)
While details of our performance are still confidential, I was able to get Mr. Klondike to agree to release this one shot

Talent 3 Diploma 5-5-16

3 thoughts on “Congrats to Talent 3 Graduates

  1. Wonderful pictures! Looks and sounds like a totally great class. Dogs and their people all look extremely happy—as well they should!
    My one suggestion: this might not be a good time to start calling Klondike “Thump” or any of its variants. There’s a real danger of being misunderstood.
    Love, The Audrey

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