Klondike Gives Back With Sing, A Comedic Short


One of Many Promotional Items From The Promotional Campaign For Sing

In his astronomical rise from Bakersfield agricultural security guard to Berkeley liberal arts scholar and world renowned star of stage and screen, Mr. Klondike  benefited from the unfailing love and support of the Berkeley creative community. So when approached by a group of aspiring Berkeley filmmakers he of course jumped at the chance to help return something to community. And get snacks.

The result of this unusual collaboration is Sing, a comedic short subject.


(note: the first few seconds are silent, so your volume control is probably OK, though the film is a bit on the quiet side)


2 thoughts on “Klondike Gives Back With Sing, A Comedic Short

  1. Hi
    We have a charming boy from Bakersfield too
    Hunter is about 2
    I have been afraid to let him off leash in a big open area, so haven’t brought him to Point Isabel. He has wondered off at quite a clip before and reading about Great Pyrenees disappearing makes me wary.
    How does it go with Klondike?
    Any thing you can share would help!
    I was a regular at Point Isabel with my Berners and really want Hunter to have a great time there and come home too

    I hope they get to play there together soon.


    1. Hi and sorry for being so late getting back to you… totally missed this!!
      I’m afraid I don’t have anything magical to say except that Pyres are trainable, just takes more hours. Do 10 minutes of recall work twice a day for a few months and you’ll get results. If you don’t feel you are, think of working at least briefly with a professional trainer. We did (though Klondike is our first dog, so unlike you we are novices) and it made all the difference. If you are in the Bay Area I highly, highly recommend Bravo Pup.
      Good luck and hope to see you at PI one day soon!


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