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Christmas Santa Cruzing With Mr. Klondike


Mr. Klondike spent Saturday busily expanding his territory to include the beautiful, bohemian and often brainy beach town of Santa Cruz, home of University of California at Santa Cruz, a famed boardwalk, incredible beaches (including one where Hawaiian royalty fare first said to have introduced surfing to the mainland) and a good handful of tech startups. Just goes to show that Santa Cruz Pier isn’t a famous wharf and boardwalk, it’s a misspelling of a great breed!

The morning started with the annual Santa Cruz Christmas Parade Staring Klondike and West Coast Great Pyrenees Rescue.


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  In the Staging Area

1-15253599_1832802070294691_4242140617773209023_nThe March Begins

Mr. Klondike Meets, Greets, and Speaks With His Fans Along The Route


Post March Group Shot

After the parade, Klondike and his support staff enjoyed delicious cookies (OK, Klondike got some cheese) and hospitality  (thanks for Patti and Richard) and at the home of a Santa Cruz Pyre family, and of course some great conversation.

And then, it was time to move onto one of Santa Cruz’s famed dog beaches, Lighthouse Field. Unfortunately, Mr. Klondike’s support staff had never been there before, and the map on Yelp was less than precise, so the excursion included an extra couple of miles of walking, but the weather was just perfect, and there were some cookies to be burned off. It was a great beach, by the way. Beautiful and full of friendly dogs and people. There seemed to be plenty of parking. Here’s a map.


Klondike Enjoying The Beach And Making New Friends


Don’t miss this once in a lifetime chance to see Mr. Klondike Live & In Person!!! Be At The Santa Cruz Christmas Parade Saturday 12/3 10:00-12:00

Yes! It’s True!!! Mr. Klondike will join his friends at West Coast Pyrenees to walk in the annual Santa Cruz Christmas Parade. The parade is from 10:00 am to noon and runs down beautiful Pacific Avenue. Admission is absolutely free.

Do not miss this once in a lifetime opportunity to see Mr. Klondike, himself, in person, live!!! And who knows, if there is time at the end of the parade, autographs and pictures may be available.

Temperatures are forecast to be between 50 and 60 degrees so dress warmly unless of course,  you are a Pyrenees. If you are a Pyrenees you would probably consider the temperature to be something between nicely crisp to a bit warm.




サンタクルーズのクリスマスパレードにクロンダイクが出ます! それも、たっくさんの白くてふわふわしたお友達と一緒に。 Santa Cruz Christmas Parade は12月3日、朝10時から正午ごろまで。



Breaking: The San Francisco Bay Area East Bay region is home to two of the world’s most deadly mushrooms, the aptly named Death Cap and Western Destroying Angle.

Spring showers  may bring May flowers, but  Fall rain brings deadly pain.   Poison  mushrooms lethal to dogs all over East Bay Parks.


Please see the full article in The Livermore Patch here.