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Klondike’s Day Without Immigrants


Klondike Zing! Cafe Day Without Immigrants
Klondike discusses May 1, A Day Without Immigrants, with Zing’s owner’s mom, who had stopped by to put up a sign explaining why it was closed.

Klondike’s favorite local coffee shop is far and away Zing Cafe. Family run with great drinks, fair prices and, most importantly of all, frequently a small scrap of cheese for Mr. Klondike, Klondike’s favorite morning walks include a stop at Zing. So do his peoples’.


Klondike was disappointed and then thrilled to stop by Zing this morning and see it closed.

Klondike Zing! Cafe Day Without Immigrants

Disappointed, of course, because it put a dent in his post breakfast, cheese treat acquisition plan. Thrilled because as proud descendent of hard working, Basque-speaking livestock guards from the Pyrenees mountains, between France and Spain, he is well aware of how much immigrants contribute to making America great and was thrilled to support May 1st, A Day Without Immigrants. He would have been more thrilled to support A Day Without Immigrants if that support had included cheese, but he made the sacrifice.


Zing is on Adeline Street, one block from Asby Street and a three-minute walk from Asby BART. Great place. If you are ever in South Berkeley check it out Click here for a map.