3 thoughts on “We love the beast.

  1. Hi Bill and Mieko- I replied to your last post a few months ago about raw egg whites and I wanted to be sure you got the message. Egg whites contain a protein called avidin, which if not cooked (denatured) will bind Biotin very very tightly such that this essential vitamin is not available to the eater (Klon beast). If you want more information google : biotin deficiency in dogs. Let me know that you got this post. Your dog loving neighbor Doug

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    1. Yes Doug, we got your message. Since then, Mr. K has been eating fewer raw eggs, and went down from XL eggs to M, which has about the same amount of yolk but less white. His catering department tried soft boiling for a while, but was too lazy to keep up.

      So far Mr. K has not improved his fur condition since the change. It’s hard to improve perfection! We will remember your warning again when we see any deterioration in his coat. Thank you very much!


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