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When life gives you cabbage… Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

I am particularly partial to the smell of fermented foods.

Cheese is an excellent example. I can detect it coming out of the fridge even while in deep slumber upstairs. I run down the stairs to remind my Catering Department (aka Mieko) that she needs to let me taste a new variety. The best kinds are overripe and gooey. They smell like my version of heaven.

I love miso and soy sauce, too, but Catering doesn’t let me lick much because of some problem that has to do with too much sodium. It’s her problem, though. I am totally fine with them. I’d definitely explore more if she’d let me.

Then there’s the stuff she takes out of the fridge, takes off the lid and makes a face, then throws away. Those things smell reeeeeaaaalllly intriguing! But she always says something about people standards in our household when I ask for samples and never lets me have any.

Today, I discovered a new thing, and it is made of cabbage. I have tasted cabbage stems before and didn’t approve. Boring. Strangely crunchy. I didn’t see the point.

However, this time it was wonderful. Catering told me it was called sauerkraut, and that it had partially been eaten by little bugs that break up the cabbage cells. She had made a small batch to feed herself and my friend and Agent, Bill. I would like some more, too, but not with salads, please.

Probiotics, yea!

Rating: ★★★★★

Comment: More!


Note from Catering: Sorry, Klonbeast, sauerkraut is another case of too much sodium. I know because I made it. Very small samples only for you. How about some organic apple cider vinegar?











Snoop, broken – Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

My Catering Department (aka Mieko) sometimes puts treats in chewy toys, thinking that doing so would amuse me. I say she is wrong. If she wants me entertained, she should just give me more treats! And more often! It’s simple!

She’s not entirely dumb, though. She immediately noticed when I destroyed my brand new Snoop this morning. She took it upstairs to my friend and Agent (aka Bill) asking to replace it with an extra large Kong when he gets to PFE next time. Which probably means I will get more peanut butter. Always a great idea!

I’m a little disappointed about losing the Snoop, though. I actually liked the way the treats rolled around while I worked on it.


Zoo animals – Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

Excellent dietary supplements are to be found on the sidewalk and in the bushes while walking the neighborhood. My people do not want me to forage, and they often try to open my mouth and take out the food. Which is in itself a great game, but I’d like to be able to swallow. I beat them about half the time.

I was exploring the Western territories (area west of house) this morning with Catering (aka Mieko), and found these. I understand they are called animal crackers. I smelled them, quickly turned around and got one animal before Catering even understood what I was up to.

Excellent flavors! Great mouthfeel! I am not even sure which creature I got to sample, it was maybe a camel. Or perhaps a bear. In either case, it was the first time I ate an exotic animal whole. I got pulled away from the the pile a moment later. Too very bad Catering has such conservative views on my diet.

★★★★★ More!

Near the end of this same walk I found an acorn on the ground. I picked it up, even cracked the hard slippery shell, but then it fell out of my mouth and Catering stopped me. Too very bad again.

☆☆☆☆☆ No stars. Didn’t get to taste it.