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Klondike is a raw fed dog.


That’s Mr. K’s birthday lamb chop.

We’ve been feeding raw food to Mr. Klondike for maybe 2.5 years now. Bill and I don’t even think about it any more, but every now and then we surprise our friends and family.

They all ask the same questions, so I’m answering them here, as the person running Mr. Klondike’s catering department.

Food poisoning? Salmonella? 

Do not underestimate a dog’s digestive powers! Mr. Klondike even likes his meat a little ripe, as in old, and I think it smells more interesting that way. He likes his food fresh, too. He likes everything. He takes his morning eggs raw, cracked into his bowl.

What about people? Isn’t it dangerous for the people around your dog?

No one has become sick here, so it seems quite all right. Of course, I am careful with the storing and handling of raw ingredients, and would never guarantee that it is perfectly safe in every case.

Aren’t bones dangerous? Especially chicken bones? They puncture the gut!

Again, do not underestimate a dog’s digestive powers! When Mr. Klondike swallows a big piece of bone, most of the time his poo does not contain the bone. It just gets a little whiter and crumbly if the bone is big. When we do see small bone fragments, they are rounded and tiny. Although, I should emphasize that cooked bones are a different deal, and I hear they do not melt away the way raw bones do. We only give him raw bones.

It must be expensive!

This is mostly a matter of choice. Even in the SF Bay Area where the cost of living is ridiculously high, we can easily find people grade meat under $1/lb. On the other end of the spectrum, there are stores that sell exotic meat for raw fed animals for over $15/lb. There are other creative ways to get raw food, like getting to know your butcher. On the web I read wonderful stories like getting a whole roadkill venison, raising chickens and rabbits for food in the back yard, getting extra cheap fish at the port. So it really is a matter of choice and a little creativity. Mr. Klondike needs a little more than a pound of meat and bone each day.

What about nutritional balance?

I’m not even sure what people really should be eating, and I certainly do not claim to know what is best for my dog. But we don’t need a scientist to tell us that it’s probably mostly meat and bones, he can also eat a wide range of other food, and that he needs variety. That’s common sense.

The switch for Mr. Klondike from dry to raw was mostly my intuition. I have read books and articles that support it, but a lot of dogs seems to thrive on commercially available food too, so raw is probably not the only way. That said, there were so many visible health improvements that I can’t imagine I’d ever switch him back to kibble.

The best ratio of meat, bones and organs is said to be 8:1:1. There should be variety in the kind of animals they come from, and 10-20% vegetable matter is also recommended. There is no shortage of resources on the web for those interested. I follow the guidelines loosely but pretty consistently.

Don’t raw fed dogs become vicious? Klondike is too big!


This is the face of that very dangerous raw fed dog and he weighs about 100 pounds. The killing instinct… I’m not sure I’ve seen it. He loves to have his tummy rubbed. Before raw, he was always very hungry. Almost restlessly asking for food. After raw, he is the relaxed Mr. Klondike we know. That’s the only character change we have noticed.

Do you travel raw?

We leave home with a backup bag of kibble, but there are supermarkets everywhere. It’s not hard at all.

Maybe I should try too with my dog/cat?

The best thing to start with is chicken wings. The very tip of the wings, that part is not bone, it’s cartilage. It’s not going to be dangerous even for small dogs. Some animals need time to get adjusted, so I’d recommend transitioning slowly. Swap part of what you have been feeding to chicken wings. Then gradually increase the size of the bone. Feed more of it. Then try other meats and organs. There are people who have had success feeding 100% raw from day one, without any problems. Then there are other people whose animals just wouldn’t stop having digestive issues. Know your animal, and keep a close watch.


So… That’s about it for now. Hope this page answered your questions. If you need to know more, just do a couple of Google searches.


















性格変わって獰猛になるのでは? 大型犬だし危なくない?









Happy Birthday, Klondike! 犬の誕生日



Happy 2nd Birthday (with us) Klondike! From today, he is going to be “between 3 and 4.” As has become our tradition, dinner was shared for this special occasion. He had two of these beautiful lamb shoulder blade chops (1 lb total) raw, of course. Disappeared in about 30 seconds for each piece. Our dinner, smaller pieces cooked medium rare and some veggies.













Fall colors = more pizza – Klondike’s food blog

IMG_7474Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

I have eaten two full slices of pizza last week, just because I was sniffing. People can’t see the pizza slices on the sidewalk because the scattered leaves work as camouflage.

I go on a walk with my person,  sniff, find the pizza piece, start eating. My people only realize what’s going on after the entire piece has gone into my mouth. I swallow. Score!

I am closer to the ground, but that’s not really why. It’s incredible that people seem to rely on their sight when scanning for food on the sidewalk. That’s dumb. They should use their noses.

Rating: ★★★★★

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The Three Stages of Requesting Dinner

1 Friendly Reminder - 1

Stage One. Klondike is politely asking how I’m doing. Because, you know, he’s concerned about my welfare. What with me forgetting dinner time and all, could be early onset Alzheimer’s.

2 Pyre Paw - 1

Stage Two, well known to Pyrenees lovers as Pyre Paw.

Klondike is politely saying “Hey, Hey! You OK?” because there’s obviously something wrong with me or I would have gotten him dinner. It’s just possible that something in the water has caused a massive fall in IQ and Klonbeast wouldn’t want that for me.

3 snout herd - 1

Stage Three. Desperate times call for desperate measures.

Not having fed him yet I’m clearly in either dangerously bad shape or the slacking beyond belief. In either case it’s time for Nuzzle Herd. This is a last resort, used where all reason has failed and it’s necessary to push some poor excuse for a human in the appropriate direction. I’m not sure it worked… I think Klonbeast got ejected from my study for his efforts. The good news is he also got fed shortly afterwards, so all was right with the world in the end.

When life gives you cabbage… Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

I am particularly partial to the smell of fermented foods.

Cheese is an excellent example. I can detect it coming out of the fridge even while in deep slumber upstairs. I run down the stairs to remind my Catering Department (aka Mieko) that she needs to let me taste a new variety. The best kinds are overripe and gooey. They smell like my version of heaven.

I love miso and soy sauce, too, but Catering doesn’t let me lick much because of some problem that has to do with too much sodium. It’s her problem, though. I am totally fine with them. I’d definitely explore more if she’d let me.

Then there’s the stuff she takes out of the fridge, takes off the lid and makes a face, then throws away. Those things smell reeeeeaaaalllly intriguing! But she always says something about people standards in our household when I ask for samples and never lets me have any.

Today, I discovered a new thing, and it is made of cabbage. I have tasted cabbage stems before and didn’t approve. Boring. Strangely crunchy. I didn’t see the point.

However, this time it was wonderful. Catering told me it was called sauerkraut, and that it had partially been eaten by little bugs that break up the cabbage cells. She had made a small batch to feed herself and my friend and Agent, Bill. I would like some more, too, but not with salads, please.

Probiotics, yea!

Rating: ★★★★★

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Note from Catering: Sorry, Klonbeast, sauerkraut is another case of too much sodium. I know because I made it. Very small samples only for you. How about some organic apple cider vinegar?











Snoop, broken – Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

My Catering Department (aka Mieko) sometimes puts treats in chewy toys, thinking that doing so would amuse me. I say she is wrong. If she wants me entertained, she should just give me more treats! And more often! It’s simple!

She’s not entirely dumb, though. She immediately noticed when I destroyed my brand new Snoop this morning. She took it upstairs to my friend and Agent (aka Bill) asking to replace it with an extra large Kong when he gets to PFE next time. Which probably means I will get more peanut butter. Always a great idea!

I’m a little disappointed about losing the Snoop, though. I actually liked the way the treats rolled around while I worked on it.


Zoo animals – Klondike’s food blog


Mr. Klondike has generously taken time out of his busy schedule to personally write the following entry:

Excellent dietary supplements are to be found on the sidewalk and in the bushes while walking the neighborhood. My people do not want me to forage, and they often try to open my mouth and take out the food. Which is in itself a great game, but I’d like to be able to swallow. I beat them about half the time.

I was exploring the Western territories (area west of house) this morning with Catering (aka Mieko), and found these. I understand they are called animal crackers. I smelled them, quickly turned around and got one animal before Catering even understood what I was up to.

Excellent flavors! Great mouthfeel! I am not even sure which creature I got to sample, it was maybe a camel. Or perhaps a bear. In either case, it was the first time I ate an exotic animal whole. I got pulled away from the the pile a moment later. Too very bad Catering has such conservative views on my diet.

★★★★★ More!

Near the end of this same walk I found an acorn on the ground. I picked it up, even cracked the hard slippery shell, but then it fell out of my mouth and Catering stopped me. Too very bad again.

☆☆☆☆☆ No stars. Didn’t get to taste it.