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EXCLUSIVE REPORT!!! Authentic Photos!!! Klondike Weekend Activities!!!

Mr. Klondike agreed to let a photographer from Klondikenews.com accompany him during some of his public outings this weekend.

Saturday he journeyed to Point Isabel for some quality time with his close friend Kizzie and for a brisk run followed by a martial arts workout and a swim

Point Isabel 10-7-17-1Point Isabel 10-7-17-12Point Isabel 10-7-17-2Point Isabel 10-7-17-6Point Isabel 10-7-17-3

Sunday was a trip to Strawberry Canyon for a mountain stroll and quick meet-and-greet with some younger members of his fan club

Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-4Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-5Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-1Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-2

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A Klondike Double Feature

As many of you are  aware, Mr. Klondike is the first Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd/Polar Bear Mix to have won an Emmy as their first major motion picture award and gone on the same year to win Academy Awards for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay. He’s taken those talents and used them to produce not one one, but two ninety second videos!

The first video is an exploration of his friendship with Kizzie, a Dutch Shepherd. Based on actual encounters, Klondike Kizzie Highly Video 2016 uses a montage of short interactions to tell the story. Mr. Klondike is expecting this video to win first place on at Sundance, Cannes and The Oscars. It has already been nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Use Of Snout, and Most Realistic Pausing Play To Get A Treat In A Documentary.


Today’s second feature is an expose on play between Mr. Klondike and a new friend, a Dane by the name of Bailey (no relationship to the WKRP character). Academy Awards expected include Best Play Growling and Most Realistic Collision of Two Hundred Plus Pounds of Dog.


Klondike Gives Back With Sing, A Comedic Short


One of Many Promotional Items From The Promotional Campaign For Sing

In his astronomical rise from Bakersfield agricultural security guard to Berkeley liberal arts scholar and world renowned star of stage and screen, Mr. Klondike  benefited from the unfailing love and support of the Berkeley creative community. So when approached by a group of aspiring Berkeley filmmakers he of course jumped at the chance to help return something to community. And get snacks.

The result of this unusual collaboration is Sing, a comedic short subject.


(note: the first few seconds are silent, so your volume control is probably OK, though the film is a bit on the quiet side)


Mr. Klonbeast Is Too Excited To Sleep!

In exactly one week, seven days from now, Klondike starts BravoPup’s invitation only advanced performance (tricks) workshop, Performance Three. And what to do? As Summer performance season rapidly approaches, should we polish up last year’s show, Klondike’s Fire and Earthquake Safety Symposium ? Do something  totally new? Klondike has always wanted to record a collection of his acoustic numbers with the London Philharmonic. He could start practising for that.

But whatever the workshop turns into, we’ll be sitting in grand style, because the Klondike performance  stool has been upgraded.

The old stool  worked fine but… to keep it stable when Klondike jumped on, jumped off or stood up on it I had to stand on the piece of plywood screwed to the bottom. Functional, yes, elegant no.

photo (35)
Using My Left Foot To Stabilize

And, even worse, the stool wouldn’t fit into the trunk of my new car

Stool - 1
Too big for the trunk, and not entirely safe to put in the back with Klondike

After a couple of dead ends, Klondike and I reached out to Jan Saeger, local furniture maker extraordinaire

Stool - 1 (1)
Klondike Just Finishing His Inspection Of Jan’s Workshop

Jan then brought in Ian, the friendly machinist (and retired Red Cross rescue supervisor) next door, and vola! The new Klondike stool!

Stool - 1 (2)
The New Klondike Stool! Stable, Strong, With Easy Disassembly

The new stool features an extra heavy base for stability (no more using my foot!) and quickly disassembles at both base and platform for easy transportation.

Klondike Shows Off HIs New Stool with Ian and Jan