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Klondike Hurts Toe, Tag Teams Pema & Kumo, Takes On A Side Of Beef

KB Footch

So much has happened it’s going to be hard to fit it all into one blog post, but I’ll try.

Monday, April 27 started out as an ordinary day and then I watched Klondike walk. Ouch.

So of course, we got Dr. Phimister on the case….

Dr. Beth Phimister, Kensington

Verdict: Fourth digit right front sprain, joint is painful on palpation. Klondike gets two weeks rest (no off-leash running activity)  and an anti-inflammatory.

And we’ve tried to follow the good doctor’s orders. We’ve mostly kept Klon on leash. Took him on a very tame, very leashed walk at Point Isabel and his gait seemed perfectly normal. And he obviously really wanted to run. But we were good, we said no. But then, who do we run into but one of Klon’s favorite play partners, Pema the Tibetian Mastiff.  And Pema’s friend the Neapolitan Mastiff, Kumo.

And since Klon’s walking gait seemed totally normal, I had to give in and let him off leash for a few minutes. Hilarity ensures.

Dr. Phimister… I’m really, really sorry. We’ll try to be better patients!

In lighter news: Since May 4 only comes once a year, we like to celebrate it. So we decided to see what Klondike could do to an entire cow. Or at least 14 ounces of beef. Turned out pretty much as you’d expect.