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EXCLUSIVE REPORT!!! Authentic Photos!!! Klondike Weekend Activities!!!

Mr. Klondike agreed to let a photographer from Klondikenews.com accompany him during some of his public outings this weekend.

Saturday he journeyed to Point Isabel for some quality time with his close friend Kizzie and for a brisk run followed by a martial arts workout and a swim

Point Isabel 10-7-17-1Point Isabel 10-7-17-12Point Isabel 10-7-17-2Point Isabel 10-7-17-6Point Isabel 10-7-17-3

Sunday was a trip to Strawberry Canyon for a mountain stroll and quick meet-and-greet with some younger members of his fan club

Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-4Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-5Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-1Strawberry Canyon 10-8-17-2

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A Klondike Double Feature

As many of you are  aware, Mr. Klondike is the first Pyrenees/Anatolian Shepherd/Polar Bear Mix to have won an Emmy as their first major motion picture award and gone on the same year to win Academy Awards for Best Writing, Story and Screenplay. He’s taken those talents and used them to produce not one one, but two ninety second videos!

The first video is an exploration of his friendship with Kizzie, a Dutch Shepherd. Based on actual encounters, Klondike Kizzie Highly Video 2016 uses a montage of short interactions to tell the story. Mr. Klondike is expecting this video to win first place on at Sundance, Cannes and The Oscars. It has already been nominated for several Academy Awards including Best Use Of Snout, and Most Realistic Pausing Play To Get A Treat In A Documentary.


Today’s second feature is an expose on play between Mr. Klondike and a new friend, a Dane by the name of Bailey (no relationship to the WKRP character). Academy Awards expected include Best Play Growling and Most Realistic Collision of Two Hundred Plus Pounds of Dog.






画家はおなじみのスパの担当者というか犬洗い屋さんというか、海水浴と泥んこゴロゴロで別犬になってしまうたびクロンダイクを真っ白に戻していてくれた素晴らしい人で、ケイトさんと言います。ポイントイサベルの付属の犬洗い屋兼カフェMud Puppy’sにほとんど常駐していた人です。










Thank You Kate!!!

Within a month or two of Klondike’s addition to our household we discovered Point Isabel, the world’s greatest dog park. And once at PI it didn’t take Klondike long to make the most of the swimming, mud wading, dirt-and-grass rolling opportunities at the park. And a muddy Klondike led us straight to Mud Puppy’s, Point Isabel’s on-site  dog washing business.

And at Mud Puppy’s, Klondike  instantly selected Kate to be his personal fur care artist. That was nearly two years and at least fifty washes ago.

Today Kate announced that she was moving on to focus on painting. And she surprised us with an incredible parting gift.


This oil portrait of Klondike.  I think she’s caught him perfectly, right down to ears.


And this is the artist with Klondike.

Kate – speaking for Klondike, as well as myself and Mieko, Thank You. We will all miss you very much at Mud Puppy’s and wish you much success as you apply your considerable talents to canvas.







KlonBeast Comes Through!

Regular readers of this blog know that Klondike choose to ignore his recall command on Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving. Happy to report that by Thursday he had decided to redeem himself.

Of course, his tail is still going to Extreme Recall starting tomorrow.

Where's Waldo?

Welcome to the Point Isabel version of Where’s Waldo!

Quick!! Which one is Klondike?

(answer: the one getting attention from a random stranger, of course!!!!)

Nothing Says “Home” Like Parking The Beast!

Got back from Japan yesterday and celebrated my return to the US early this morning with a Klondike and Mieko Point Isabel dog park romp.


I know in my heart-of-hearts that if left entirely to his own devices Klondike would probably prefer Pet Food Express to the dog park (seriously, he loves the place.) We let him off leash and he seemed to have fun playing pick-up tag with some of the other dogs, digging at a gopher hole, and going for a brief swim followed by a long shaking session.


Chris, his dog walker, takes him to Point Isabel three times a week but since he’s made a habit of entirely blowing off her recall commands (usually with delighted, laughing, Dogbert like tail wags) he has lost off leash privileges with her. Perhaps he’ll figure out the error of his ways but I’m not holding my breath.

10/21/2014 今朝のポイント・イサベル